Sliding gates HGT1-170

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Sliding gates HGT1-170


The device is designed for continuous operation in assisting of traffic control in guarded area,, for indoor use in locations with high passenger traffic. The gate is designed for the width of 65 cm.

Main applications are: 

  1. Train Stations / Metro - points of ticket control / permission to enter and passenger traffic. 
  2. Airports - transition to authorized personnel, targeting at passenger traffic. 
  3. Sea ports and river – points of ticket control / permission to enter and passenger traffic. 
  4. Points of control of permission to enter government offices in buildings such as border passages, ministries, other services. 
  5. Points of ticket and fees checks at museums, theaters, cinemas, exhibitions, fairs, entertainment facilities, paid toilets. 
  6. Ticket checkpoints for sports facilities such as lifts, swimming pools, stadiums and other sports and performance objects. 
  7. Access Control and Time & Attendance in workplaces such as offices, factories, a separate area in factories. 

"...Sliding Gate GT is called. "Speed-gates". They allow for unproblematic support to pass for a large amount of people in a short period of time..."

Production Manager



Technical specification


TypeGT1-170-LGT1-170-C GT1-170-R
Power supply voltage 230 V, 50/60 Hz230 V, 50/60 Hz230 V, 50/60 Hz
Maximum power consumption 300 W600 W300 W
Minimum power consumption120 W240 W120 W
Current consumption at start10 A10 A10 A
temperature0 do +50 degrees C0 do +50 degrees C0 do +50 degrees C
Storage temperature-30 do +60 degrees C-30 do +60 degrees C-30 do +60 degrees C
Degree of protection IP
IP 40IP 40IP 40
Maximum operating humidity 85 %85 %85 %
Net weight~160 kg~200 kg~160 kg
Opening / closing the wings~0.6 sec~0.6 sec~0.6 sec
Main housing material INOX AISI 304INOX AISI 304INOX AISI 304
Wing machine glasstempered glass 12 mm tempered glass 12 mm tempered glass 12 mm


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