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HALSANG - a leader in the production and distribution of systems of fencing, gates and devices of access control on the Scandinavian market.

In our offer you can find a wide range of products. The range of our systems are primarily industrial fencing as well as specialized fencing for areas with very high security requirements, e.g. prisons, nuclear power plants, military facilities. In addition to the fencing for the industrial sector, we also offer products for houses fencings, housing estates and public institutions (schools, offices, sports facilities, etc.). As one of the few we offer aluminum sliding doors, combining the highest quality, extremely light and modern design with a very durable material from which they were made. They are extremely quiet and resistant to winter weather conditions, especially characteristic of the northern regions of Europe. 

To meet the needs of our customers, we also offer unusual gates, both because of the size and specific solutions such as mounting. We have our own design office, which, thanks to years of experience and well-prepared engineering staff is able to meet virtually every requirement of customers. Department to develop new HALSANG products is currently working on a completely new gates that will meet the requirements of modern logistics centers, databases transport companies, ports, and any facilities with a lot of traffic. 

HALSANG Gates have a declaration of conformity and certificate of competency issued by TÜV.
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