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Swing gates HUT


Swing gates UT Gates of fast bandwidth type UT are designed to assist in traffic control at guarded passages inside buildings. The devices can work together with electronic traffic control and passenger access.

Main applications are the support of the transition at airports (eg transition to authorized personnel, as well as the targeting at passenger traffic), railway stations (eg control points / permission to go and passenger traffic), checkpoints permission to enter public buildings , ticket control points and fees (eg for sports facilities, entertainment facilities, exhibitions, theaters, cinemas), points of access control and time recording in the workplace (eg demarcated areas in factories, offices).

The devices can also be used to complement other devices in the system technical passage or transition for disabled people.

"... The same as the GA gates, UT gate is our new project. The device has been designed to meet the highest standards both in terms of design-in and reliability. They are intended to be inside the object of a high standard .... "

Employee of the production department



Technical specification


Type  Value
Model UT-R/L (module right / left)
Supply voltage24VAC
Maximum power consumption130 VA
Maximum current consumption (on lock)5A
Maximum current consumption (off block)2A
Power consumption at start10A
Operating temperature0o do +50o C
Storage Temperature-30o do +60o C
Protection IPIP 40
Net weight
75 kg
Maximum operating humidity85%
Net weight60kg
Czas otwarcia (udrożnienie sekcji przejścia)<2 sec.
Czas zamknięcia (blokada sekcji przejścia)<2 sec.
Główny materiał obudowyINOX AISI
Grubość skrzydła urządzenia10 mm


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